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How to be Human with Sharon DeMattia

How to be Human with Sharon DeMattia

Mother makes her debut

Sharon DeMattia is AN ARTIST and SCIENTIST.

She is a systems thinker, strategic optimist, and creative concepts executive who creates large-scale interactive spaces that explore the interconnected relationships between planet and people. 

She's a dragon rider, an invitation to the curious, and a curator of creative genius.  

Sharon received her MS from the University of Colorado, Boulder in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology and worked within the Integrative Vascular Biology Lab doing invasive Human subjects research.  As her understanding of the integrity of query, methodology, and measurement expanded, so too did her understanding of the fragility and limitations of adhering solely to linear processes and prediction models. 

She says, "When we only measure, we tend to miss the meaning; thus causing ecosystems to collapse into themselves from lack of relational cohesion. The art within science is found in the relationships between complex systems and the blurred edges of the spaces between what is purely evidence based."

What is relevant for her right now is how we show up and are accountable to ourselves, others, and the cosmic YES. (excerpted from https://www.themotherexhibit.com/team )

In this episode we discuss:

-Our relationship to the muse

-The language of connection in the soul

-Mother earth and The Mother Exhibit

-We just need to be heard

-Location markers

-Showing up

-The courage to be ourselves

-Becoming the artist and the art simultaneously

-Playing and laughing at yourself in the space between profane and profound

-The balance of structure/space and form/function aka the masculine and the feminine

Two things I learned from this conversation:

  1. How to respect the muse when she shows up! While being consistent and grateful for what she brings!

  2. How to set boundaries for my life and still have compassion for the ways others live their lives outside of those boundaries

So happy to share this with you Hedge Schoolers. <3 Please enjoy the episode!

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