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How to be Human with Christi Krug

How to be Human with Christi Krug

Write yourself to life

Christi Krug is an author, writing coach and owner of Wildfire Writing. She writes poetry, fantasy, children's novels, literary fiction, memoir, autobiographical fiction, a smattering of horror, inspiration, self-help and you might want to check in with her because next week it could be different.

Christi runs writing retreats in magical places, frequent workshops and teaches at Clark College. Her genuine intrigue for a writers heart and mind is what drew me to her and helped unravel my own writer's prose into published pieces and a forthcoming juvenile fiction fantasy novel.

Christi is every ounce of what she speaks walking the walk, literally everyday on trails, beaches and mountains in the Pacific Northwest and talking the talk with all of her students, counsel and wise friends.

In this episode we discuss:

-Writing principles

-Escaping criticalness

-The Dream Kid & Dr. Codger

-How to move through being outcome oriented

-Allowing your work to begin and end with creative ideas

-Turning creativity and productivity into a game

-STOREY: the artificial things that we build to "try" to get to this place in our lives where we can feel like somebody

-Listening to our bodies, listening to ourselves

-Listening into connecting

-Witness consciousness

The first weekend in December she is holding her next retreat "Write into the Light" at Heceta Head Lighthouse. Please contact either of us for more details.

When asked about inspirational humans,

"Poets… in order to go to a place to hear what wants to be said to me, I need to get quiet, I need to tune into my body, I need to be willing to not just repeat something that I've heard and the way that I heard it," said Christi, adding "As a poet you have to have this pure channel."

Here are some of her favorites:

Paulann Peterson

Naomi Shihab Nye

Anis Mojgani

Kate Gray

Please enjoy the podcast!

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