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Farewell thee Friends

Farewell thee Friends

This is not goodbye, this is see you later

Oh my dear Hedge Schoolers! What a fun year this has been.

With questions that started out on a pink post it note. Exploring those inquiries here with you all through prose. Turning into interviewing some of my favorite humans on this earth. Developing into a podcast. And then publishing my debut juvenile fiction novel…


None. Of. This. Was. Planned.

By me at least. An intention was set to explore the questions about how to be human, to lean into projects that invigorate me, and to listen to all those around me.

Those simple intentions have led me here with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

I feel grateful to Steve Brophy for starting this publication and for giving me another one of my favorite challenges through his own inquiry, “What questions walk with you often?”

This invitation helped me unfurl connection with some amazing folks, kept my steps steady as I walked throughout 2022, and encouraged the brave act of unveiling a heartfelt creative work out into the world.

Steve, thank you. Thank You! From the fullness of my heart, for the work you’re doing to hold and be held, to unveil and reveal, to allow all that you love to have its way with you!

To you Hedge Schoolers… Thank you for reading these words from my heart, these inquiries from my perceptions and sharing with me in the journey of making sense of the things that don’t always make sense.

I’ll be pausing on the How to be Human series and Hedge School indefinitely as we head into the winter and holiday season.

I don’t know what 2023 will bring, but I do know what types of intentions I’ll be leaning into. May the intentions, the inquiries, the friends, allies, supporters and comrades in your life bring you overwhelming gratitude and connection.

Til next time, Be well Hedge Schoolers.

Feel free to reach out any time. I love hearing what you’re up to, your inquiries, what is inspiring you most and especially what you’re #fremembering.


Lara Foster

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